The Sharjah club and Al-Ahli  shares the league trophy Kata team male team which ended last Friday at Al-Dhaid Club, where Sharjah won the men and youth categories while  Al-Ahly won the junior and junior teams, Dubai female categories where the shields of the three categories are girls and young women and ladies.
The winning teams were attended by HE Hamid Shams, Secretary General of the Arab Karate Federation, Assistant Secretary General of the UAE Karate Federation, HE Salem Mohammed Bin Huaiden, Chairman of Al Dhaid Club, Mrs Mariam Al Shamsi, Board Member, Confidential Technical Secretary of the Union. Mr. Ibrahim Al Neaimi, Chairman of the Competitions Committee, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed, Chairman of the Referees Committee, Dr. Hamoud Khalaf Al Enezi, Executive Director of Al Dhaid Club,
The tournament has witnessed an exciting competition among the participating teams amid the presence and encouragement of a large audience of karate lovers and parents.
7 categories
The tournament included seven categories: Cubs, Youngsters, Youth, Men, Girls, Young Women and Women. After a strong competition, Al-Ahli team succeeded in obtaining the general league shields in the categories of young and young boys, girls, young women and women. The Sharjah Club for Individual Games won the shields of men and youth. The Secretary General of the Arab Union Hamid Shams congratulated the winning teams in advance. Hosting the tournament,
A surprise and a distinct appearance in the championship
Al-Dhaid appeared at a distinct level and was the surprise of the tournament, where he finished second in the category of Alnsat and then ranked third in 4 categories are Cubs, young people, young and young. While the security team of bodies, establishments and emergencies remained strong in the men category and achieved second place. While Dragon Sport won the second place for the girls and the third female players, while the UAE Shibal team ranked second in the Cubs category while the team of the University of Emirates in Al Ain ranked third in the category of anasat
The results of the general championship of the competition Kata follows
Category Cubs
The first: Youth Al Ahly - Second: Cubs UAE - Third: Al Dhaid Sports

First: Shabab Al Ahly - Second: Sharjah for individual games - Third: Al Dhaid Sports


First: Sharjah for individual games - Second: shabab Al Ahli - Third: Al Dhaid Sports

Class men

First: Sharjah for individual games - Second: the management of security bodies, facilities and emergencies

Girls category:

First: Shabab Al Ahly - Second: Sharjah for individual games - Third: Dragon Sport

Emerging class:

The first: shabab Al Ahli - Second: Dragon Sport - Third: Al Dhaid Sports


The first: shabab Al-Ahly - Second: Al-Dhaid Sports - Third: United Arab Emirates University

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