The Uae karate Federation board members held an important meeting No. 3/2018 at the headquarters of the Federation in Dubai, headed by Major General Nasser Abdul Razak Razzuqi, and in the presence of members of the council, and Marwan Sinkel vice president, Humaid shames Zarouni Assistant Secretary-General, and Mohammed Harbook Shehhi, Chief Financial Officer, and Mariam Al Shamsi, Board Member Attendance of Ibrahim Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Competitions Committee.
The President of the Federation began to welcome the audience, thanking them for attending the meeting, and commended the members of the Council for their presence and the effort made for the development and prosperity of karate. During the meeting has been some important issues concerning the game discussed, including the development and adoption of a new committee under the name of sports functions of the Committee to coordinate with the working committees to develop the sport of karate and to study how to develop the game from all administrative, technical and organizational aspects that give priority to the development of new mechanisms for the development of national teams and processing To compete vigorously in future international participations to reach the World Karate Championship in 2020, which will be organized by the Uae Karate Federation in cooperation with WKF the world  Karate Federation  in the United Arab Emirates
The Council also recommended the appropriate and decent preparations for the Cup of His Highness the President of the State, which will be held early next month in Abu Dhabi, and stressed the importance of this important event.
As well as the adoption of honoring sponsors of shareholders and partners in the success of sports tournaments during this season in addition to honoring the working and the best technical teams and hardware committees in accordance with the conditions set for the current season sports 2017/2018 and honoring the winning players first place in the Championship Emirates Festival at the end of the Cup of His Highness the championship ceremony of the President of the The country which is the last season tournaments.
The Supreme Committee was approved to host the 2020 World Championship to coordinate with the Expo 2020 management to discuss aspects of cooperation and support for the World Championship on the sidelines of Expo 2020

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