The Board of Directors members of the Uae Karate Federation held its fifth meeting for the year 2018 at the headquarters of the federation in Dubai under the chairmanship of Maj. Gen. Nasser Abdul Razzaq Al-Razzouqi, in the presence of the members of the Council, Awad Aldermaki, Vice President, Marwan Singal, Vice President, Fakhruddin Abdul Majeed Finance , and Maryam Al Shamsi Board Member.
In the presence of Mohammed Abbas Executive Director and Hisham Serry  Technical Secretary of the Federation

The Board members approved the formation of a coaches committee , a new committee developed by the federation and specialized in the affairs of the trainers and the special recommendations of the Technical Committee to implement in line with the strategy of the Federation. The committee was formed as follows: Humid Shames Al Zarooni Board member as Chairman of the Committee, Mohammed Abbas Ahmed, And members of the committee / Abdul Rahman Haddad - Adel Salama - Khaled Al-Hadi-Jaber Al-Zaabi

In addition, new members of the Technical Committee have been appointed as follows: Fakhruddin Abdel Majid Secretary-General Chairman of the Committee and members Humaid Shams Al-Zarouni, Mohammad Abbas, Ibrahim Mohammed, Ayoub Mohammed Hussein, Jaber Al-Zaabi, Hisham Sery

The Board also approved the general and technical conditions for the new season 2018/2019, which was sent to the clubs without adding new items, and only what was modified. The Board discussed the members of the Technical Committee in the additional proposals submitted by the trainers and the president recommended to the Technical Committee for more good study in all aspects and coordination With a committee of trainers for future implementation.

The Council discussed the preparations and developments for the hosting of the World Championship Karate 1 in Dubai 2019. His Excellency Major General Nasser Al-Razzouqi, President of the Federation, recommended the need to take all the necessary measures and prepare well to appear in the proper appearance after the impressive success achieved during the previous versions of the tournament.

The Council also discussed the special preparations for the celebration of Science Day and recommended the President of the Union to make appropriate and appropriate arrangements for this day and stressed the importance of this national event and the need to attend members of the Karate board members and referees, trainers and players to celebrate this precious occasion at the headquarters of the Union

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