The Karate referees' course, organized by the Uae Karate Federation, was concluded last Saturday in the framework of its plan to improve the level of arbitration to carry out its duties in managing competitions efficiently, especially after the entry of the game to the Olympic Games for young people in Argentina 2018 and for adults from the Tokyo 2020 session.
The two-day session was attended by international referee / Javier Escalante, chairman of the referees committee of the International Federation of Karate, in cooperation with the UAE Rulers Committee, in an unprecedented participation of the referees. The preparation of the Emirates Karate Federation for the new sports season 2018/2019 The importance of this session that it comes within the preparations of international referees to run the referee ratings on the sidelines of the World Championship for adults, which will be held in Madrid after several days

All participants in the session praised the role of the referees committee headed by international referee Ibrahim Mohamed and his deputy, the international referee Jaber al-Zaabi, and the great efforts of the committee's referee Mohamed al-Azazi and the rest of the members to provide them with all facilities to them.

Javier Solana thanked the Emirates Karate Federation for hosting and good reception and also thanked the UAE Rulers Committee for their full cooperation with him.

The session was opened on Friday in the presence of Hamid Shams, Assistant Secretary-General, and Hisham Sari, Technical Secretary, with a number of lectures on theoretical and practical aspects by Javier Escalante, Chairman of the IATA Referees Committee, which dealt with the developments of international law in Kata and Comité. Explaining the role of referee, judge and head of the rug as well as the role of the judges in the management of matches.

At the end of the session, the certificates of participation were distributed by Eng. Marwan Singal, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Humid Shames, Assistant Secretary General, Expert Mohamed Abbas,

During the closing ceremony, Jaber Al Zaabi, Vice-Chairman of the Rulers Committee, was honored as the first referee from the UAE to be selected by the International Federation to participate in the Asian Games (ASIAAD), which was held in Indonesia last August.

Mr. Marwan Sankal gave a closing speech in which he thanked the lecturers, the participants and the members of the judges' committee.

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