An exciting competition in the UAE Karate Championship under 12.14 years

Last Friday, the UAE  Championships kata individual from the age of 10 to 13 years of age ended up with a total of 240 players, representing 23 clubs and centers, amid exciting and strong competitions between players and players to qualify for the Challenge . To the national teams, which will bring together the top players in the Kata and Kumite competitions this year, which was formed by the Karate Federation this year in order to include all the players and players of the top talent in the sport For Karate under 14 years old and even under 18 years

The winners were honored by Mr. Hamid Shams, Assistant Secretary General of the Karate Federation, Ms. Mariam Al Shamsi, Board Member and Expert Mohamed Abbas, Director of the Federation. The attendance was attended by Mr. Hisham Sari, Technical Secretary and Mr. Ibrahim Al Naimi, Chairman of the Competitions Committee. Things

At the end of the tournament and after a fierce competition, Al Ahli Youth Club - Dubai won the top spot with 10 colored medals (2 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze) and Dragon Sport-Ajman came in second place with 6 medals (2 gold and 2 gold) Silver and 2 bronze) and came in third place bowling village in the first participation with 5 medals colored (2 gold and 3 bronze)

The competition for the Kata competition has resulted in the following results:

cadets individual girls 1 (First degree):

First: Limar Faris Haroon - Dragon / II: Ranad Hisham Sri - Dragon / Third: Zeina Ziad Kurdali - Youth Al Ahli / Third: Nilopher Niyas - Farouk

cadets individual girls  1 (Second degree):

First: Maya Sharif - Sharjah Second Individual Games: Sheikha Marwan - Sharjah Women's Sports Third: Juri Mohammed Khairi - Bowling III: Alia Obaid Rashid Al Ali - Al Dhaid

cadets individual boys 1 (First degree):

First: Karim Rami - Dragon / II: Iwan Abdul Hamid - Dragon / III: Mohammed Ahmed Shehata - Sharjah for individual games / III: Ziad Wael Mohammed - Dragon

cadets individual boys 1 (Second Class):

The first: Ammar Ahmed Ismail - the UAE footballers / II: Heiden Khalid Youssef - Youth Al Ahli / III: Amr Mamdouh - Youth Al Ahly / III: Ali Nasser Ahmed - Youth Al Ahly

minim 2 - Citizens (Second degree A):

First: Ali Rashid Al-Taniji - Al Dhaid / Second: Salim Ahmed Humaid - Kalba Union / Third: Ghazi Ahmed - Sharjah Golf / Third: Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed - Al Dhaid

Individual Cubs 2 - Residents (Second Class A):

The first: Qais Ala Eddin - Bowling village II: Firas Mohammed - Youth Al Ahly / Third: Taha Mohammed Abdul Aziz - Sharjah for individual games / Third: Faris Hosni Nabil Al-Assi - Fit Republik

minim 2 - Citizens (Second degree B):

The first: Ali Yasser Ahmed - Shotokan / II: Said Hisham - Ashbal Emirates / III: Fares Mohammed - Ess Academy / III: Abdul Rahman Abu Bakr - Sharjah Sports Sports Self-Defense

Individual Cubs 2 - Residents (Second Class B):

The first: Hisham Mohammed Abdullah - Gulf International / II: Aham Mohammed - Ashbal Emirates / Third: Hamza Abdel Moneim - Dragon / III: Pima Glenn - Sharjah for individual games

individual Girls 2 - Citizen (Second Class A):

First: Hanan Ali Ahmed - Youth AlAhli / Second: Shatha Bilal Al Nubi - Ajman / Third: Maitha Mohammed Hassan Al Obaidli - Ajman / Third: Shama Marwan Al Ketbi - Sharjah Women's Sports

individual Girls 2 - Resident (Second Grade A):

First: Sham Ayman Abu Karam - Al Dhaid / Second: Shahad Mahmoud Azmi - Youth Al Ahly / Third: Mariam Al Batool - Sharjah Sports Sports Self Defense / Third: Janna Nasser Salah Eddin - Al Ahli Youth

individual Girls 2 - Citizen (Second grade B):

First: Shaikha Mohammed Abdullah - Youth AlAhli / II: Aisha Khalid - Sharjah for individual games / Third: Lamia Rashid Ali - Sharjah for individual games / III: Asma Khalifa - Sharjah for individual games

individual Girls 2 - Homeworks (Second grade B):

The first: Tasnim Osama - Bowling village II: Raghad Osama - Alhili / III: Divya Machhendra - Al-Farouk

Third: Reem Remi Mohammed - Youth Al - Ahli

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