With the participation of 84 players and players, representing 15 clubs, under the banner of the General Tolerance was held last Friday, at the Al Mizhar Sports Hall in Dubai, the State Karate Championship for the individual Alkumitih categories of men and women and young people under 21 years has witnessed the competition strong competition and exciting on the carpet
Men's and women's teams won Al-Nasr Club with 5 colored medals (3 gold-2 silver) and Al Shabab Al Ahly finished second with 8 colored medals (2 gold-2 silver-4 bronze) Colored Medals (2 Gold - 2 Bronze)
The tournament was attended by Mariam Al Shamsi, member of the Board of Directors of the Karate Federation, Chairperson of the Women's Committee, Expert Mohamed Abbas, Executive Director, Expert Hisham Sari, Technical Secretary, Ibrahim Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Competitions Committee and International Ruler Ibrahim Mohammed.
The results of the tournament were as follows:
1 - Individual kumite up to 21 years Male Weight under 67 kg (beginners):
First: Zayed Mohammed Ahmed - United Arab Emirates University / Second: Mansoor Ahmed Al Mansouri - Gulf International / Third: Zaid Ali Shehdan Jumaili - Youth AlAhli

2 - Men's Individual under 67kg (beginners):
First: Saif Mohammed Al Mazroui - Sharjah Police General Command II: Mustafa Othman Lo - Ras Al Khaimah Club / Third: Musab Mohammed Hassouni - General Command of Sharjah Police

Men's Individual   Under 84kg (Beginners):
First: Mohammed Abdullah Al Muhairi - General Command of Sharjah Police / Second: Mohammed Sufiyan - Al Dhaid Club / Third: Saif Issa Al Junaid - General Command of Sharjah Police / Third: Thalhath K Hamza - Al Dhaid Club

Men's Individual kumite Under 75kg (Second Class):
First: Saif Hamad Saif Khamis Al Nuaimi - General Command of Abu Dhabi Police / Second: Jasim Nalakath - Al Dhaid Club

Men's Individual kumite Under 84kg (Second Class):
First: Muawiya Mohammed Jumaa Al Nuaimi - Club Union Kalba II: Muhammed Shamseer - Al Dhaid Club / III: Yousef Mohammed Abdullah Al Mazroui - General Command of Abu Dhabi Police

Men's Men's Individual Qualified Heats (84 kg)
First: Taha Hammoud Khalaf - Al Dhaid Club / Second: Saif Mohammed Jumaa Rashid Al Muhairi - Al Ahli Youth
Third: Anas Ali Kutty - Al Dhaid Club / Third: Ahmed Humaid Sultan Al Zaabi - General Command of Abu Dhabi Police

Men's Individual kumite Under 67kg (First Class):
The first: Mohammed Mohamed Nour al-Din Othman - shabab Al-Ahly / II: Jassim Abdullah Salem Abdul Rahman - Youth Al Ahli / III: Hammad Suhail Ali Obaid - Sharjah for individual games / III: Navaraj Shrestha -

Men's Individual kumite Under 75kg (First Class):
First: Saadi Ghulam Abbas Gleiani - Youth Al-Ahli / II: Montaser Abdullah Almazmi - Club victory
Third: Saif Ali Saif al-Kindi - Kalba Union / Third: Mr. Osama Al-Sayed - Al-Ahli Youth

9 - Men's Individual  (under 84kg):
First: Vlad Iorga - Victory Club / II: Adel Abdul Aziz Jeshm - Club victory
Third: celery Aboya - Union of Kalba

Men's Men's Individual kumite Above 84kg (First Class):
First: Ahmed Abdul Rahim Ghazali - Al Nasr Club / Second: Abdullah Sorour Mubarak Al Shamsi - General Command of Abu Dhabi Police / Third: Abdul Rahman Osama Mohammed Abdul Fattah - Youth Al Ahli / Third: Mustafa Hilal Ali Al Balushi - General Command of Abu Dhabi Police

Women's Individual kumite (women's) above 68kg (First Class):
First place: Khadija Al Hassouni - Al Nasr Club / Second place: Ghalia Yasser Al Sakka - Alkudokan Center
Third place: Ayat Ahmed Al Sayed - Ajman Club

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