A delegation from the Karate Federation, headed by Major General Nasser Abdul Razzaq Al-Razzouqi, President of the Federation, Vice-President of the International Karate Federation, Rashid Abdul Majid Al Ali, Secretary General of the Federation and Expert Mohamed Abbas, Executive Director
Visited Al Noor Center in Dubai to train and rehabilitate the owners of Hammam on the occasion of the National Sports Day to learn about the modern methods and methods used by the Center to rehabilitate and support the Center's students from the owners of Hammam. The delegation praised the great role and effort exerted in Al Noor Center. Council and Ms. Asfana Al Khatib, Director General of the Center
The delegation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors opened the Karate Lounge in the framework of the support of the Federation of Sports Athletics and encourage them to practice karate, where some displays were held in the sport of Karate in order to introduce the students of the center of the game was played by Salem Muhairi, The performance of some interesting shows in karate has impressed everyone.
On his part, Khalid Al-Halayan, Chairman of Al-Noor Center for Training and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, expressed his happiness with the visit and its positive results for the students of the centers. He praised the participation of the Karate Federation with the Center on the National Sports Day.
Major General Nasser Al-Razzouqi, President of the Karate Federation, expressed his happiness at his visit to the Center and praised the large and modern equipment of the Center and the outstanding community activities that the Center has put in place to develop the work of the students and said that we are inspired by the determination and determination of our children. To accommodate our sons and brothers, owners of inspiration
He pointed out that the state's interest in the owners reflects the vision of the wise leadership in supporting the stakeholders and enabling them to play their positive role in society and participate in the process of building and development naturally,
The vision of the wise leadership of the UAE reflects the UAE's strategy to establish human values ​​and realize the concept of social integration and empower those who are motivated to play their natural role in development and enhance confidence in their abilities and deal with them on the basis of their natural role in society,
At the end of the visit, the President of the Union imitated the medals of the Union, which was issued specifically for the Year of Tolerance to the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the Center and the Center's officials and exchanged shields among them

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